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4Er Group is specialized in manufacturing tension fabric structures, tensile membrane shade & tent systems, custom designed cable structures, tensile & tension membrane shade systems, pvc covered roof systems, tension fabric buildings, custom made shade systems, aluminum frame fabric structures for indoor & outdoor lighting, standalone, tensioned custom light, lighting & illumination systems, fabrication & installation of custom constructions, tent models, tents, architecture, design, production of canopy models, custom designed interior & exterior tension system models for exhibits & textile architecture.
Country: Turkey

Shade 'N Net have been producing high-quality membrane structures for the commercial and professional marketplace since 1989. We are the original Australian shade company providing a versatile, cost-effective and attractive solution for many shade structure requirements, with full engineering design, computer-aided design, and in-house production facilities. Shade 'N Net products are perfect for large or small entertainment areas, COLA's (Covered Outdoor Learning Area's), playgrounds, outdoor eating areas, schools, car parks, car yards, walkways, swimming pools, community centres, sporting venues, restaurants and shopping centres. Shade 'N Net design and manufacture tension membrane structures, shade structures, umbrellas, shade sails and Colorbond roof structures to meet any of your requirements.
Country: Australia

SHS, Inc. is your provider for shade and fabric tensioned structures. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to creating effective and architectural pleasing tension membrane structures. Our various brands offer a variety of custom and modular structures. From shade structures, canopies and sails to awnings and cabanas we have the right solution for you. SHS, Inc. providing Solutions for Today and Protection for Tomorrow.
Country: United States

Supplies standing seam metal roofing systems, steel roofing, tin and copper roofing. Provides metal roofing installation for residential homes in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Also installs IB Flat roof membrane with solar roofing panels. Contains DIY guide on how to install metal roofing, pros and cons of metal roofing, and directory of metal roofing contractors, and manufacturers.
Country: United States

The Duro-Last prefabricated single-ply roofing system is ideal for virtually any commercial or industrial, flat or low-sloped application. The highly-reflective white membrane delivers real energy cost savings for building owners and managers. Extremely durable and easily installed without disruption to daily operations, the Duro-Last roofing system is also leak-proof, resistant to high winds, and virtually maintenance-free.
Country: Philippines

Al'Fresco Elite System is without doubt one of the most trusted name in sunshades. Al'Fresco sunshades include Retractable Awning, Canopy, Terrace Cover, Parasol, Fabric Tension System, Tension Membrane, Vertical Screen, Pergola, etc Al'Fresco offer professional consultation on shade design concepts and shade product applications. Al'Fresco is a multi-brand sole agent, representing renowned European sunshade manufacturers. Al'Fresco offers product variation, chic design and functional shade solutions. Al'Fresco is easily one of the most comprehensive stockist of sunshade systems and components in Singapore and South-East Asia.Buyers of Al'Fresco sunshades have no worry as they know spare parts are readily available and service and repairs are always prompt.
Country: Singapore

Shenyang Longyuan Enterprise Group is a big-sized unite group enterprise, established in 1998,which integrating manufacture, distribution, construction and research. It is specialized in the manufacture of polyester-based non-woven(polyester mat), fiber glass imbed polyester, roof underlayment, waterproof memrane, self-adhesive membrane and so on.. The annual output approximately USD 60 million. We are member of NRCA of USA. The group has 10 branch companies(factories), in Shenyang, Beijing, Haerbin and Jiamusi separately, and has built a big manufacture plant and institute based in Bazhou industrial garden of Hebei province. We hold advanced modified asphalt automatic production line adapted advanced technology from Italy. At present, there are 490 employees, 35 of whom have professional technical titles.
Country: China

LEDA is an Engineering & Construction company specialized in providing lump-sum turnkey engineering, procurement & construction services. We perform all major diciplines of construction works including civil, structural steel erection, electromechanical installation, piping as well as electrical installation, instrumentation & process control. We perform our works through a variety of contractual methods such as turn-key , design-built, supply materials, project management and operational servicing. We focused on what we do best providing services for the customers currently in below select industries; - Water & Waste water treatment - Power - Liquid storage tank.Tags: Wastewater Waste Water Water Treatment Water Treatment Modular Tank Bolted Tank Stainless Steel Tank Pillow Tank Grp Tank Cylindrical Tank Membrane Liner
Country: Turkey

Skyspan Building Materials is a specialist supplier / installer in the field of Modular Water Storage Tanks. Skyspan is the exclusive agent of the Australian made Heritage Tanks in the U.A.E and Gulf region . Heritage Tanks are circular tanks built from Zincalume steel bolted panels and lined from the inside with an EVA food grade special geo membrane ( Liner ) . The internal liner retains the water in a clean, hygienic and sealed environment free of any corrosion since the stored water does not come in contact with tank shell and inhabits any algae growth. Heritage Tanks are available in variety of capacities range from 10,000 to 250,000 Imp - Gallons. Heritage Tanks are used for many applications such as : Potable Water Storage, Fire Water Storage, Irrigation, Desalination, Power Stations, Construction Sites, Military Camps, Labour Camps, Relief Camps, Concrete Batching Plants, Rain water Collection, Poultry Farms, Dairy Farms, Hobby Farms and Water Treatment . Skyspan is well known as a reputable supplier for Polyethylene Water Tanks in both versions Vertical and Horizontal in standard or insulated. In addition, Skyspan also supplies: LDPE water filled road barriers, bladder tanks for water and fuel storage, building Materials and irrigation accessories.

WeatherTight is a roofing contractor offering spray foam roofs and roof services in Ft Lauderdale. We are roofers and a roof contractor providing spray foam roofs, insulation, roof repair, roofs, and flat roofing For a roofing contractor, WeatherTight Roofing services roofs in Ft Lauderdale, Florida and all throught South Florida, including Miami, Palm Beach, The Keys, and all of Dade, Broward, and Monroe county. We are a roofing contractor specializing in the spray foam polyurethane roof system. This system was scientifically engineered for roofs from concept to application. It was created by engineers and chemists who understand that puncture resistance, energy efficiency, and seamless continuity are essential to quality roofing. For a roofing contractor, nothing beats spray foam polyurethane. There are no insulation joints, fasteners, counter flashings, membrane seams — all of which can fail and let moisture in destroying your investments. With commercial roofing and commercial roof services in Ft Lauderdale, Florida and all throughout the South Florida area, WeatherTight Roofing provides the last roof that any commercial building will ever need. A spray foam polyurethane roof pays for itself in 5 years and lasts for the life of the building. Call today with your commercial roofing questions. We believe passion and dedication go well with out outstanding spray foam polyurethane roof systems. Call today and we will answer your questions about the last roof you will ever need. The business attitude in South Florida is very positive. Everyone here knows that a strong and gradual rebound is the best way to approach the future. Businesses are investing in their future, and that includes investing in their roofs. Our spray foam roof system pays for itself in five years and lasts for the life of the building. We want your roof to last as long as your business.
Country: United States

Tiki Tar Industries India Limited is the India's largest private sector Bitumen company, with operations in more than 9 locations and standing strong since 1964. Little did a trader late K.D. Shah realize in 1964, when he decided to expand his trading business, that he was laying the foundations of one of today's leading Bitumen companies in India. Tiki Tar Industries India Limited is the leader in all major Bitumen markets, with leading R&D and technology, as well as sizeable captive supplies of raw materials and outstanding distribution networks. With an industrial presence in over 9 cities spanning four directions, the Company covers all of the key Bitumen markets, from emerging to mature. Another area of operation by the company is in the field of waterproofing. Since leakage and seepage in the buildings and cement structures became a perennial problem which could not be stopped with the conventional method of waterproofing prevalent in India, the Company introduced APP Modified bituminous waterproofing membrane with non-woven Polyester and fiber-glass reinforcement as being used in highly developed countries ensuring long lasting relief from water leakage for many years . Through its core values of Sustainability, Quality and Leadership, Tiki Tar Industries India Limited commits to operating in a responsible way with respect to the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees, contractors and the communities in which it operates . The Company's leadership position in the bitumen industry is the result of a consistent management strategy that focuses on product diversity, geographic reach and vertical integration - both into raw material production, designed to minimize risk caused by economic cycles, and downstream distribution, providing value-added and customised Bitumen solutions through further processing to meet specific customer requirements. Our customers are the heart of our business. We collaborate closely with them to ensure that we evolve and develop our products in line with their continually changing needs.
Country: India

Armada Yalitim was started in 1994. It pioneered the Support pedestals in Turkey. Armada Yalitim takes pride in bringing an effective solution for isolation problems. It has a huge customer base with several agencies placed in Turkey. It has its main office in Istanbul and branch office at Izmir. From 2004, the company has started to serve practical and international projects in Algeria. The company specializes in SUPPORT Pedestal Group, SUPPORTS Fixed Pedestal Group, SUPPORT E and SUPPORT EA Screw Jack - Adjustable Pedestal Group, and SUPPORTŪ EU Lath Floor Screw Jack - Adjustable Pedestal Group. SUPPORTŪ Pedestal Group SUPPORTŪ S Fixed Pedestal Group-2001 SUPPORTŪ E Screw Jack Pedestal - Adjustable Pedestal Group-2004 SUPPORTŪ EU Lata Floor Screw Jack Pedestal Group-2006 Armada serves in Turkey with agencies placed in Istanbul as a main Office,Izmir as a branch Office and also has been serving practical,international projects in Algeria since 2004. SUPPORTŪ E SCREWJACK PEDESTAL :The available height of adjustable pedestal is between 35-600 mm with a circular cutaway. It has 206 mm outer diameter of base unit, 121 mm outer diameter of coupler and153 mm outer diameter. It has 900 kg/unit carriage capacity. Floating floor supports product group made of PP (polypropylene copolymer SUPPORTŪ EU SCREWJACK PEDESTAL : The available height of Screwjack Pedestal is between 40-600 mm with a circular cutaway. It has 206 mm outer diameter of base unit, 121 mm outer diameter of coupler, 153 mm outer diameter of unit. It has 900 kg/unit carriage capacity .Screw jack pedestal supports product group which is made of PP (polypropylene copolymer) APPLICATION AREAS Support-S, Support-E and Support-EU Screw Jack Pedestals can be used at all walk able terraces, balconies, technical platforms, petroleum facilities, laboratories, resting storehouses, industry facilities(automobile, metallurgy, chemistry, food sector etc.), around pools, garden terraces ,all closed and open areas. It is also used to cut contact with water or for increasing the height of machine or equipments. Glue or plasters are not used with the flooring. An isolation is formed with water, heat and covering materials. Polypropylene is the main raw material that is used for the structure and it can be recycled. The other raw materials include polyester and polycarbonate. Distinctive wings which are of 4mm thickness are placed on the headgear to lock the system. One can break the wings with lots of ease and the flooring coverage is applied with different angles and dimensions. This provides a good flexibility while working in an area. SPECIALITIES No water accumulates at the floors and it is not necessary to cover the structures with any kind of material .Avoiding plasters during application can help in making corrections. If there is a problem about water, heat isolation material or any kind of breakdowns (water, electrical, waste water installment shafts etc.) this helps to save time, workmanship and material. No water accumulates at the floors and it is not necessary to cover the structures with any kind of material .Avoiding plasters during application can help in making corrections. If there is a problem about water, heat isolation material or any kind of breakdowns (water, electrical, waste water installment shafts etc.) this helps to save time, workmanship and material. It has protective layers that protects from sunlight, thermal shocks and provides good airing between last layers of flooring materials and isolated area. Each one of the support Screw Jack Pedestals which is also known as Adjustable Pedestals can carry 950 kg. of weight and can also be placed perfectly on all kind of water isolation materials (PVC, EPDM, bituminous membrane or sliding types of water isolation materials). This feature gives advantage of using any kind of materials with different thickness or dimensions freely.
Country: Turkey